Use a GPS

Having problems remembering where you shot your photo? For many landscape and architecture photographers knowing where you “took the shot” is important. First you make mental notes.  Next you bring pen and pad.  You may forget and/or loose the paper with your location notes.  Never fear … GPS tech is HERE!

GPS stands for global positioning satellite which provides the means for us “humans” to know where we are in the digital age.  President Ronald Reagan during his administration mandated by presidential order the technology be commercialized so companies and consumers could benefit.  At that time during the early 80’s only the military had access to GPS technology. Spring forward to the present.  Everything has GPS technology — your phone, your car, non-military airplanes, trucks, oil & gas pipelines.  Practically everything we use has some type of location technology built in.

Photographers should take advantage of GPS technology.  The GPS unit records the date/time, latitude/longitude, elevation, and traveling speed to the metadata of your camera. Many cameras in the prosumer and professional categories have built-in GPS.  If you don’t have a built in GPS you can buy a separate unit to attach to your camera. For example, Nikon’s GPS-1A ($$$) attaches to the most Nikon brand cameras.

I use the Solmeta brand of GPS units for years.  Solmeta’s GPS units are reliable and have long battery life.  Solmeta manufactures GPS units for Canon and Nikon in varying price ranges to meet your  budget. However I recommend the GMAX ($230) or the Geotagger Pro-2 ($130) for your geotagging needs.  I don’t leave home without it!

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