Travel Tips for Photogs

I recently visited California coast and among other places, I went to Catalina Island. I had an amazing trip and wanted to help my fellow travelers and photogs with some quick tips! Enjoy ... Ysa.

TIP #1 Wear Your Heaviest and Bulkiest!
I know this sounds weird but wearing your heaviest or bulkiest shoes or coat is the one of the best ways to save space in your suitcase. Everyone loves to take options when they travel - so to save space, dress your heaviest and bulkiest!

TIP #2 Tune in and watch the weather channel!
Always check the weather of your destination before you leave! Chances are that you booked your flights weeks or months in advance and predicted the weather. So if you booked your July trip in early January, you probably assumed that the weather in Mexico (for example) is sunny and beautiful... little did you know that now in July, it is looking to be one of the coldest and windiest weekend in a while! Be prepared!

TIP #3 'Pre- do' as much as you can!
Do as much as you can online to save money! We normally pay for the ticket and hotel online but also remember to check-in online, pay for the place you wish to park your car during your trip, and pay for your rental car if you plan to rent. Try and plan and pay for as much as you can in advance so you don't feel like you're spending sooo much on your trip! Spread it out!

TIP #4 Don't Let Rush Hour Ruin your Trip!
Is your departure time on a weekday ... around 9am or 5pm? Are you flying during a busy season for airports, summertime or New Years? If you are, did you account for traffic when getting to the airport? Don't let rush hour ruin your trip. Be pro-active. If you leave during this time, take a trial run during the weekday rush hour to determine how long it would actually take you to reach the airport. Not the night before at 1:00 AM! Likewise, if you are traveling on Christmas Eve, leave an extra hour earlier to be safe. You don't want to be that guy running to catch their flight!

TIP #5 Don't plan too much out ... Be Flexible!
Leave some time to see what happens during your travels! Planning is good. Plan to swim with the Dolphins in Florida or see the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Be flexible and don't over-plan. Trust me, you'll have fun wherever you're going if you have great company and an open mind.



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