BTL: Photographing Fall Colors

Thousands of people travel to the East coast of the United States to experience the beautiful fall colors of New England and the surrounding area. Photographing the colorful foliage can make for some memorable images. You can witness autumn colors usually between early September and late October. Some advance planning is needed to get there at the peak of the season to get the full visual impact that the fall season can provide.

Here are a few tips to help you bring back some memorable images of the fall colors:

  • Use a polarizing filter to help get more saturated colors and a darker blue sky. The polarizing filter works best when you are positioned 90 degrees to the sun.
  • If your shutter speed drops below one-half of the focal length of the lens you have on your camera, use a tripod to help prevent motion blur.
  • Consider photographing in the morning or after a rain shower because the air is cleaner with less smog and dust.
  • Backlit fall leaves have very vibrant colors that pop when photographed. Remember to protect your lens from the sun to prevent lens flare.
  • Include compositional element into your images, such as a winding road to get leading lines or framing a distant scene with a branch of a tree.
  • Try using a long lens, and shallow depth of field to isolate color.
  • Experiment with using slower shutter speeds to get intentional motion blur to capture an abstract canvas of color.

Try to capture the reflection of fall colors on a lake or any pool of water. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that experiences fall colors or plan to visit an area that does use the tips above to help you capture the amazing colors of fall.

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