Humans as Ants

On my trip to Jamaica last August I took a picture of a colony of ants.  It made me think about our society as a WHOLE not by race, gender, religion, or any of that other stuff we find to separate ourselves from each other. Have you ever noticed ants separating from each other? I know I am comparing humans to ants, but you’ll get the point. Us as humans can learn so much from ants especially when it comes to working as ONE. I sat and observed them work collectively as ONE to transport this piece of coco bread into their nest.

Imagine if the human race worked as ONE, our economy, safety, environment, health, and how even more advance our technology would be! JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

Only time I have witnessed us humans coming together to work as ONE is after a natural disaster. As I said, JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

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