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I love to travel - either here in the States or overseas! Something about traveling is so exhilarating and adventurous. The problem is that when preparing for trips, I find myself packing everything! For a week’s trip, I’ll pack 4 pairs of jeans, 2 outfits per day and that one extra pair of shoes just in case.

I end up packing so much more than I will wear!

So I recently went on a New York City vacation (check out my pics above). I was going since a close friend of mine was relocating there. Originally, we planned to road trip from Houston, but we decided to fly at the last minute (thank God - 24 hours of driving would have been crazy!)

Since my friend was relocating to NYC and I was only going for 5 days, I let her use my checked luggage for her stuff. She had way more to pack than me. I decided to fit all of my stuff in my personal bag. A personal bag that I used as “carry-on” luggage.

How? I know, it was pretty hard at first.

This is what I did. Remember this was for a 5 day trip to NYC in the summer. So here’s what I took:

  • One pair of jeans pants and shorts - that’s all you really need! Jeans are super versatile and can be dressed up or down.
  • Six cute, but loose shirts and a dress. One for each day, plus an extra. We planned to be walking and exploring and it’s July so I didn’t want to be wearing super tight shirts walking outside in the sun. Very unconformable!
  • Three pairs of shoes. I wore my bulkiest to fly - my athletic shoes. Then I packed my small shoes - one pair of sandals and one pair of cute heels. I ended up buying a pair of Adidas sneakers, not good!
  • One pair of leggings and a jacket and a hat- I actually wore this to fly with my athletic shoes so they never went in the bag!
  • Undergarments, cosmetics and travel size personal hygiene products - these are essentials but since some are liquids, I made sure to pack only the travel size so they can go through airport security. Plus travel size is by definition small so that helped!

I didn’t pack a towel or much more than what I listed. Everyone is different so it’s okay if your list is a little different. The key is to pack what you really need to enjoy your trip, not what you think you might need for that one thing that you may do if you hang out with that one someone?

My list may seem minimal but honestly that’s all I really needed. I’m not going to lie, I did buy some clothes and those Adidas shoes on Fifth Ave in NYC, but who wouldn’t! But I had to remember that whatever I did buy, I would have to fly back to Houston with. Remembering this helped me not to break the bank or have a ton to pack going home!

TIP: When packing, I made sure to roll my clothes, it really saved space! This, I recommend too!

Hopefully, my experience was helpful so the next time you travel, you too can economize your luggage space. Even if you have to pack more than a personal bag, you can pack economically allowing more room as you travel to your destination!

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Safe Travels,

Ysa Abraham
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