Friendships: 5 Tips and 5 Questions

We all have heard the saying, “Tell me who you’re friends are, and I will tell you who are!” It can be so hard to FIND good friends, KEEP them or CUT OUT bad friends, but we’ve all been through it! Here are 5 tips on friendships and 5 questions on friendships.

5 Tips

  • TIP #1 It’s okay to be alone and not CONSTANTLY surrounded by people… Use the time to reflect!
  • TIP #2 Your friendship should be eclectic. It’s okay if all your friends don’t know each other or come from the same environment!
  • TIP #3 Good friends encourage you to aim high and push yourself! Actually, set goals and achieve them.
  • TIP #4 We all have heard the saying: Tell me your 5 friends and I will tell you who you are!
  • TIP #5 Don’t be afraid to let bad friends go. Times will get awkward! You will have to spend LESS time with bad friends.

5 Questions

  • QUESTION #1 Do you openly share your goals, your struggles with each one of your friends? If not, who AND why don’t you
  • QUESTION #2 Do your friends relate to you? Do you even get along? Or is it just CONVENIENT?
  • QUESTION #3 Are your friends there for you when you really need them? Do they pick you up? Remember to call you back? Give helpful advice?
  • QUESTION #4 Do they check up on you, or is it ALWAYS the other way around?
  • QUESTION #5 Do your friends not only uplift you but help you advance?


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