Don’t Be The Client From Hell

Often, we as women can be a bit much when it comes to our hair. Let’s face it, a woman would risk a good night’s sleep in efforts to maintain a freshly done hairstyle. Women are emotional creatures, so when you add an indecisive hormonal blank canvas to the equation, there could be catastrophic results in the styling chair leaving the hairstylist to blame.

Here are some tips to help YOU avoid being the client from hell.

  1. Understand your DNA. As a client, you must embrace your hair type and understand that you may not always be a candidate for your desired outcome.
  2. Don’t bring 800 pictures from Pinterest along with you on your appointment. This will only confuse you and your hairstylist. If your stylist is a professional creative, he or she should be able to see your vision in a few pictures and produce an amicable outcome that you both can agree on.
  3. Be on time! Believe it or not, being 20 minutes or more late can spoil anyone’s day. It creates a domino effect causing everyone to have a long visit at the salon.
  4. Be realistic. You are very familiar with your hair since birth. At a minimum, you know it’s capabilities.
  5. If you must give your hairstylist instructions, you may be in the wrong chair. An accomplished hairdresser knows what to do. Just offer your vision, and it’s up to the professional to figure out the steps to get you there. How would you feel if someone showed up to your job and tried to tell you what to do? It’s insulting.
  6. Respect the rules of the salon. If the salon does not allow children unless being serviced, please respect that rule. Most likely, this rule is set in place to avoid disturbance to other clients. A salon visit is a place of solitude for most clients. It serves as their “get away” or “me-time.” The last thing they want is a kid blaring baby shark from their device and offering a dance routine to go with it.
  7. Moreover, if the stylist requests cash only, don’t bust out a check! If no food is allowed in the service area, don’t bring your awful smelling brussel sprouts with you to the dryer. You get the point. Be respectful of the house rules. If you don’t wish to comply, find another salon that will accommodate your needs.
  1. Clean up after yourself during your stay and before you leave.
  2. Don’t ever complete your visit and then ask if you can pay later. This is disrespectful. You can’t go into Foot Locker and walk out with a pair of shoes and tell them you will pay later. That’s called robbery. With a stylist, he or she can report a theft of service. Unless you have long-standing relationship with your hairdresser, just wait until you have your coins (e.g., “money”) in order to pay.
  3. Don’t book a shampoo and style and then walk in with a bag of commercial hair. Let your stylist know what you are getting so they can adjust their book accordingly.
  4. If nothing is ever right with your hairstyle, you always find the smallest problem, or you still have to change one thing before leaving, the problem may be YOU and not the STYLIST.
  5. Don’t bring your own products from home. This is also insulting. Again, if you must bring your own products, you are probably at the wrong salon. Hairstylists SHOULD use products that are professional and unavailable to the general public. This is what sets them apart from being a kitchentician.
  6. Don’t micromanage your hairstylist and or hair salon. Stay in your lane and be a client.
  7. Don’t talk on the phone throughout your entire visit. Speaking on the phone at the shampoo bowl eliminates a thorough shampoo. Talking on the phone under the dryer, disturbs others. Talking on the phone in the chair will give you a pixie cut when you asked for a Bob.

If you appreciate excellent service and are willing to uphold the salon as a strong small business rather than someone’s hobby or plan “B,” then applying these guidelines will surely assist you in your quest to a productive salon visit. Consequently, if these rules do not apply to your salon, i.e., you are late because your stylist is always late, then perhaps you need to find a more professional hair stylist to improve your salon experience.

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