Chasing The Light

Last year I traveled to California for my birthday with my Mummy [(noun.): Mummy is the standard saying for “Mommy” in the British Commonwealth countries]. After exploring San Diego all day with mummy, I had a random idea to visit the US-Mexico border. I was so ecstatic to go because it’s the freaking US-Mexico border; the same border that President Trump mentioned he was going to build a wall for.  Interesting fact … there are high fences there already. To be honest, I am not sure what difference a wall would do. But, in order to visit the border, we traveled to San Diego’s Friendship Park (Border Fields State Park). The concept behind Friendship Park is quite unique! Why is the park so unique?

…[it] is tucked into the extreme southwest corner of the United States and the extreme northwest of Mexico, with fields on the U.S. side, the city of Tijuana on the other, and the blue Pacific Ocean to the west. The park itself is tiny, bisected neatly through the middle by the border wall.

… individuals from Mexico and United States can meet to talk face to face, pray, dance, … [through the border fence]

When I arrived at the border, it did not appear as I thought. I was expecting to see a long row of high wired fences and concrete walls. As we approached the border we saw the infrastructure of the city of Tijuana, it was so interesting in a cool way! When I tell you I could smell the aroma of the food in Tijuana it smelled ridiculously good. You could see the little kids playing on the beach. The people enjoying each others’ company. It was honestly a humbling moment. Truly humbling. The two cities, San Diego & Tijuana, are absolutely different in terms of the infrastructure, culture, society, government, and economy and this can definitely be observed at the border. I can talk for hours about my experience visiting the border, I honestly recommend anyone taking a visit. Before leaving the border I could not leave without capturing this beautiful picture attached to this post above.

“There is truly light at the end of tunnel”, that’s what I said to myself while looking at this. To the far right of the photograph the sun is piercing through the clouds and hitting the ocean. The view looked so surreal, it felt like a gift from above. But as I continued to observe the view I thought about how there is truly a light at the end of the tunnel. All we have to do is keep faith and continue persevering. Some individuals anticipate migrating to America for the opportunities to better themselves and their families. Can you imagine knowing that a different life exists for you literally three feet away, but you are not able to walk across the sand without any penalties? If we keep persevering there is always a shining light at the end of tunnel waiting.

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