FotoShoot Magazine highlights the CREATIVE and ARTISTIC side of photography and photographers. Contributors are a DIVERSE group of photographers, creators, innovators, and writers covering the multifaceted genres of photography. Their contributions result in a unique online magazine experience.


No matter the photographic genre - Food, Landscape, Portraiture, Fashion, Adventure, Documentary, Street, Boudoir, Alter Ego, Still Life, Composite, Conceptual, or Entertainment; FotoShoot Magazine is an ASSOCIATION of international creative talent from photography, technology, and journalism COLLABORATING to create content that inspires and is informational to its readers.



We are dedicated to producing DIVERSE content covering the multiple genres that is the world of photographic.  From still life to adventure; from portraiture to fashion, we are constantly looking for diversity in photography talent, style, and genre to ensure our readers see the DIVERSE world we live in.

Meet the Team

Founder & President, AAPA

Thomas Carter

 President & Co-Founder

Thomas Carter is the founder and President of the African American Photographers Association an organization of photographers whose mission is to collaborate, educate, and share their work with the community at large.

He has been a photographer and organizer for most of his adult life and enjoys lifestyle photography and fashion photography. It was because of his love for photography he created the FotoShoot Magazine along with co-creators Ron Thomas and Cora Coleman.

Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas

Vice President & Co-Founder

Ron Thomas is Vice-President and Executive Editor/Publisher for FotoShoot Magazine. Ron's specialty is landscape, adventure, portraiture, and event photography.  Photography for Ron is an art form learned and practiced in the outdoor laboratory.  Getting outside of the studio and practicing the art of photography in uncontrolled environments sharpens the eye for changing light and conditions that can be transferred to in-studio work. Ron says "A photograph is a moment in time frozen for eternity where the image tells a story and raises your emotions about the content."