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FACES: What The Photographer Sees

What does the photographer see through the viewfinder during a portrait or fashion shoot? What does the photographer see when shooting family or graduation photos? Does the photographer see fear? Sensuality? Happiness? Pride? Seriousness? Through the lens the photographer sees all types of EMOTIONS on the FACES of their subjects.

Photographers focus on the FACE and eyes to achieve tack sharpness. Especially the eyes for a photographer. With the right ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed a photographer can get the FACE and eyes in focus.

As consumers of photographic art, we overall see the FACE but our eyes eventually follow the features of the FACE to the eyes. With FACE and eyes “tack sharp”, the photographer feels a sense of perfection and satisfaction.

FSM asked its contributing photographers to provide FACES from their portfolios. The photos in this edition of FSM is a combination of creative art, lighting, and tack sharp focus of the FACE.

The editorial staff of FSM wish to thank the following photographers and creatives for their artistic contributions to this issue: Chris Franklin, Derrick Leadon, E. Andrew Murray, EY Huffman, James Gamble Jr., Kevin Goodie, Larry Francois, Missy Burton, Natasha Rawls, Ron K. Thomas, Thomas Carter, Veronica Owens.

IMG_9400 copy

Model: Mari Forbes

FSM Photos of the Month

Missy Burton

"Never Say Never" - I AM WOMAN series
Canon 60D • Canon EFS 18-135mm • 1/125 sec at f/8.0, ISO 100
Lighting: Model is lit from both sides to obtain dramatic effect • Slow, fluid posing is the key to getting the lights to “paint” the model.
Model: Cortini Wright

Street Photography
Lawrence Francois

“Mardi Gras Indian (NOLA)”
Nikon D850 • Nikon 24-120 @ F/4.8
Exposure: 1/180 sec, ISO 280
Lighting: Natural Light (Cloudy)

E. Andrew Murray

Canon DSLR • Canon 24-70 f4 lens
Exposure: ISO 125 u F/6.3 @ 1/125 sec at 28mm
Lighting: B899 Black Front with orange get bouncing off the wall Beauty dish with grid kissing the face of the muse with white
lighting X1600, V-flat blocking b800

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