Best of 2019

Year Two of FSM is in the archive. The staff and editors of FSM appreciate your readership and following us on your social media platforms. This edition of FSM is a look back on an outstanding year of publishing and contributions by our staff photographers, editors, writers, guest contributors, and advertisers. It has been a team effort by a group of creatives dedicated to publishing quality content for our readers.

The magazine has changed from our original 2018 style and content. Instead of publishing monthly, we published FSM every other month in 2019. The style and production cadence was better suited for an every other month magazine release.

In 2019 we added an International Edition to the magazine’s lineup for the year. We featured photographers and artists from Germany, Sweden, Mexico, England, India, and the USA.The issue is available to view on our website at

We wish to thank our featured photographers and creatives for 2019: Anthony P. Roberson, E. Andrew Murray, Missy Burton, Natasha Rawls, Veronica Owens, James Gamble Jr., James Woody, and Mel Lindstrom. Each artist’s contribution provided a visual and emotional experience for our readers online and in print.

We also brought you a look behind the shutter in our monthly “Beyond the Lens” feature. James Gamble Jr., director of photography for FSM shares his informative photography experience and expertise in each issue. It is a must read for any aspiring photographer.

Finally, success does not come without some sacrifices. The staff and editors wish to thank our supportive families for allowing the “creatives” to be “creative”. Their support provided the backbone of the magazine operations for 2019.

Wishing you and yours a tremendous 2020.



FSM Foto of the Year. "WOMAN" by Missy Burton, I Am Woman Series
FSM Foto of the Year. "WOMAN" by Missy Burton, I Am Woman Series

FSM Photos of the Month

Fine Art Photography
James Gamble Jr. (USA)

Nikon D600 • Nikon 24-120mm @ 65mm • 1/640 sec • ISO 400
Lighting: Natural Light

Infrared Portraiture
Natasha Rawls (USA)

Nikon D750 • Nikon 24-70mm @ 35mm • 1/125 sec • ISO 200
Lighting: National lighting / No Flash

Color Portraiture
E. Andrew Murray (USA)

Canon EOS 7D Mark II • Canon 24-70mm • ISO 100 • Aperture f/5.6 @ 50mm
Lighting: Studio lighting

James Gamble Jr.
James Gamble Jr.
"Infrared" by Natasha Rawls, Najo Photography
"Infrared" by Natasha Rawls, Najo Photography
Photo by E. Andrew Murray - Color Portrait of the Year
Photo by E. Andrew Murray - Color Portrait of the Year