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The Lost Art: Black & White Photography

In a world we see in color, instant smart phone color photographs, and selfies -- color is king. You don’t get to see many black & white photographs or photography except in an art gallery or in an art exhibition.

The first photographic images back in the 1830’s used a process called heliography invented by the French inventor Nicéphore Niépce. He used a portable camera obscura to expose a pewter plate coated with bitumen to light. The image produced was shades of gray, black ( the “darks” ), and white ( the “lights” ). Since then, black and white photography has evolved from film to digital. The early masters of black white photography such as American photographer Ansel Adams and French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson used their creative talents to make black and white photography to an art form. With Ansel Adams known for this environmental and landscape photography and Cartier-Bresson known for his unique candid humanistic street life photography.

Today’s black and white photography is done digitally. Today’s digital photographers shoot in color and using software during post-processing, convert the image to black and white. It is a unique creative skill to create black and white photographs from color that look like an original black and white photograph. However, some photographers still shoot on black and white film and process the film the “old fashioned way” like the masters.

FSM asked its contributing photographers to showcase their black and white photography in this issue. The photographs on the following pages highlight a variety of photography genres. The editors and staff hope it gives you an appreciation of the Lost Art: Black & White Photography - People, Places, Life, and Nature.

CosPlay for FSM October 2018

FSM Photos of the Month

Fashion & Beauty
Derrick Leadon

Sony Alpha A7 II • FE 70-200 F4G OSS Lens • 1/200sec @F/4 ISO 2500
Main Light: Natural Lighting
Model: Adrianna J.

Lanscape & Environment
James R. Woody

Canon EOS Rebel T3i • Canon 28-70 f4 lens @ F/8
Long Exposure: 10 seconds @ ISO 200
Main Light: Natural Lighting

Still Life & Imagery
James Gamble Jr.

Nikon D600 • Tokina 100mm Macro f2.8 lens
Exposure: 1/200 second @ ISO 100
Main Light: Paul C. Buff Einstein E640

CosPlay for FSM October 2018
CosPlay for FSM October 2018
CosPlay for FSM October 2018