One of our highest goals is to search the world over for photographers with exceptional talent and vision, and showcase their work. This issue does not disappoint. This issue has a broad selection of photographic art that inspiring and breath taking. Preparing this issue has been a awesome experience working with photographers from across the globe. Please do share with your friends and fellow photogs.

It has been said that one photo can tell a different story to a thousand people. That is the beauty of photography. The photographic are many in this issue. You will experience an emotional tie to each photograh. The thoughts each photograph creates in the minds of the observer is infinitismal.

From a photo story by Arturo Garcia about his life's journey through his eyes to Leo Ranta's riding a trail bike with a camera in the mountains of Gothenburg, Sweden to a trip to Bandhavgarh National Park in India by Mayur Joshi - you see "through the lens" what they saw.

We encourage you to take your time and explore the minds of this month's International Issue. Look deep into their photos and experience the emotions, serentiy, and quiet moments they have captured on film and memory card.

The editorial staff wish to thank these international photographers for their contributions to this month's issue: Andreas David from Germany, Arturo Garcia from Mexico, James Gamble Jr. from the USA, Leo Ranta from Sweden, Mayur Aniket Joshi from India, Monique Walker from the USA, and Ysa Abraham from the UK. Enjoy!

Photo by Mayur Joshi
Photo by Mayur Joshi

FSM Photos of the Month

Andreas David (Germany)

"The Milky Way Little Planet 360"
Canon 6D Markk II • Sigma Art 24-35mm • 30 sec • ISO 3200
Lighting: Natural Light, Long Exposure

Black & White Portraiture
Arturo Garcia (Mexico)

Hasselblad 501cm film camera
Post-Processing: Edited in dark room with two negatives
Lighting: National lighting / No Flash

HDR Photography
Frank Ludwig (Germany)

"The Train @ Strassfurt"
Sony A7 III • Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM ISO 800 Aperture f/10 l Focal length: 30mm
Exposure: ISO 800 • 1/400 sec @ f/10 • Focal length: 30mm
Lighting: Natural Light • Five Explosures: -4, -2, 0, +2, +4

Andreas David
Andreas David
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia
Frank Ludwig
Frank Ludwig